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Welcome to Playitas

Is there a place where a family with wildly different interests can enjoy a vacation together? Is there a place where you can relax and be active at the same time? Is there a place where serious athletes can train in perfect surroundings under serious conditions?

The answer is yes! And that place is called Playitas. We are happy to welcome you and your family to our very unique resort spanning more than one million square metres and featuring the best possible facilities.

Playitas has more than four swimming pools – including an Olympic pool, which attracts professional swimmers and enthusiastic amateurs alike. Of course, you may prefer to splash in your very own private swimming pool, which you get if you book one of the luxury villas or luxury rooms at the Hotel.

In addition, we offer training sessions for all who are interested. Each day begins with a relaxing morning exercise session overlooking the Atlantic. Later in the day you can join one of the spinning classes, kara-T-robics classes, body toning classes, water aerobics and, of course, relaxation sessions.
There are running paths throughout the Playitas resort, and you also have the choice of playing tennis, mini golf, beach volley, basket ball or going to the gym.

For people who love the water there is ample opportunity to learn how to surf, windsurf or scuba dive.

And if you just want to hang out with the kids in one of the pool areas, read a good novel or go for a romantic walk with your spouse, you'll have plenty of opportunity to do so as well.

In short: Welcome to freedom – Welcome to Playitas!