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Fuerteventura is an undiscovered gem for road cyclists. Good quality road surfaces and generally little traffic provide an almost perfect recipe for the ideal ride - regardless of how far or hard you want to make it.

The routes range from 2 to up to 6 hours with distances between 50 and 160 kilometers.
Altitude difference can be between 600m to 1.600 meters.
And the temperatures range is situated the whole year between 18 and 25 º C.

Please ask in our cycle center for routes and specific card material.

Mountain Bike Tours:
The points of interest on the island (the volcanic region in the interior, the dunes to the north and south, the mountain ranges of the central west coast, etc.) make for sensational bike tours that offer everything one could ask for in a biking holiday.

Road Bike Tours:
There is very little traffic on most roads, and the highway system is considered to be the most extensive in the Canaries. None of the tours involves complex navigation through towns. Roads are numbered and are posted with kilometer markers, and intersections have clear directional signs.

One notable factor is the wind, which is omnipresent and usually blows from the northwest. It ranges from barely perceptible to a major influence on performance. On the positive side, it is almost always steady, with no gusting.

Emergency numbers:
Playitas Resort:         +34 928 860 400
Emergencies:             112