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No matter where you choose to stay at Playitas one thing is sure, you will never be far away from either the pool or the beach.
Playitas Aparthotel-perfect for families

Aparthotel is the biggest hotel in Playitas. It especially hosts families with children in its spacious studios or apartments. Located just outside Aparthotel is a big pool and a water slide that will make most kids excited. Walk 50 steps more and you will find yourself right on the beach. In the other direction from Aparthotel is Playitas Hotel located. Between the two hotels you will find Plaza Rambla, the basketball court, the Olympic pool, running trails and the tennis courts.

  • 114 Studios
  • 94 Apartments
  • Self Service Laundry
  • Buffet Restaurant
  • Pool Bar
  • Heated pool and a popular activity area
  • Babypool
  • Water slide (122 m)


Playitas Hotel-perfect for individuals or couples
Playitas Hotel is the calm place in Playitas. Here the pace is an easy stroll – preferable hand in hand with your loved one. Children are also welcome but often the Aparthotel is more preferable to the little ones and their parents. Playitas Hotel is a 4 star hotel which no one doubts, when they fall into the bed with a book in a nice air-conditioned room.

  • 163 Double rooms
  • 4 rooms adapted for disabled guests
  • 4 rooms with private pool
  • 52 Junior
  • Buffet Restaurant
  • Palapa Bar
  • Heated Pool


Playitas Villas-perfect for exclusive holidays
Retracted from the resort are 24 luxury villas – Playitas Villas. Like Aparthotel and Playitas Hotel the standard is very high. Related to every villa is a pool. The enthusiasm about getting an undisturbed morning swim in your own private pool indicates the feeling of infinite luxury.

  • 24 villas
  • private heated pool


Amazing sleep
The beds in Playitas deserve attention. The comfort is excellent and there are no envelope a-like sheet-constructions. The mattresses are orthopedics there are thin summer duvets and soft pillows.



Playitas Hotel

Playitas Hotel

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Playitas Aparthotel

Playitas Aparthotel

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Playitas Villas

Playitas Villas

Luxury Own Pool Playitas Villas

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